Safety and Security: China


For more travel safety and security information, visit the Australian Government’s ‘Smartraveller’ website.

  • We advise you to exercise normal safety precautions in China. You should exercise common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia. Monitor the media and other sources for changes to local travelling conditions.
  • Foreigners have been targets of a number of scams when travelling in China. These often involve a stranger approaching you, offering a massage or to have a drink.
  • Australians who become involved in a criminal matter or investigation, or directly or indirectly involved in a civil or commercial dispute, may be prevented from departing China until the matter is resolved.
  • Penalties for serious drug offences in China are severe and include the death penalty. Foreigners have been executed for drug offences in China. The use or possession of even small quantities of ‘soft’ drugs is illegal and laws are strictly enforced.
  • There is a possibility of terrorist attacks in China. Attacks could be targeted or indiscriminate, including in places visited by expatriates and foreign travellers.
  • A visa is required for all travellers to China.
  • The Chinese government does not recognise dual nationality. If you are an Australian/Chinese dual national, you should travel on your Australian passport, obtain a visa for China and present yourself as Australian at all times.
  • See Travel Smart for general advice for all travellers.
Smar Traveller [ONLINE], viewed on 11 November 16
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