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Swinburne students are invited to complete an Industry Study Tour for credit (12.5 elective), where you get to travel to Samoa to meet with community, government, and local organisations to develop employability skills and enhance your global mindset. Travelling in a group with your fellow students over 14 days from major towns to remote and rural villages will allow you to gain insight into social structures, organisational and institutional relations, employment initiatives, and environmental and social difficulties. Working alongside communities and partner organisations you will identify challenges, innovate solutions, and seek opportunities to develop long term connections that will allow you to develop career distinctness for your career pathway while earning credit towards your degree. This is a unique participatory, cross cultural, educational (for all Swinburne domestic and international undergraduate students) and skill sharing program where great things will happen, especially when communities from different parts of the world are gathered together (as friends) to help meet global challenges.

Copyright owned by CERES
Copyright owned by CERES


Some key areas of exploration include but are not limited to:

Sustainable community development (which would highly suit students who are studying and/or interested in: Sustainability, International development, International studies, development studies);

Sustainable agriculture (which would highly suit students studying and/or interested in agriculture science, soil science);

  • Soil and pest management;
  • Permaculture principles;
  • Cultural preservation (anthropology);

Environmental challenges & opportunities (which would highly suit students studying and/or interested in Enviro studies/sciences, geography, sustainable development);

  • Climate change;
  • Waste;

Social equity & Women’s empowerment (which would highly suit students studying and/or interested gender studies, social work, social sciences, health);

  • Women’s employment;
  • Health and safety;
  • Domestic violence;

Social enterprises (which would highly suit students who are studying and/or interested in Business, sustainability);

  • Product development;
  • Market avenues;

Eco-tourism in a tropical paradise (which would highly suit students who are studying and/or interested in planning, architecture, urban design, business, sustainable development);

  • Impacts of Tourism;
  • Exploring eco-tourism examples;
  • Providing advice and assistance in tourism development.

All Industry Study Tours have undergone a rigorous pedagogical development approach, where the student is at the centre of the learning for employability skill development. As part of the unit structure two supportive, face-to-face workshops are provided to help students prepare for the in-country learning experience and to bring the learning home. Additionally, Career Development is also an important factor concerning the overall design and delivery of all the Industry Study Tour units for students.

CERES is the third-party provider and works closely with the Industry Study Tour team to develop and create an enriching in-country learning experience. Please review their information booklet to help you prepare for Industry Study Tours: Samoa.

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For more information about how to take part in an Industry Study Tour information session, enrollment procedures and/or any scholarship inquiries please go here.


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