IST-Malaysia Internship Experience – Sacha Arthur

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From December 2016 to February 2017, I completed an internship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was placed at an international business coaching and business development firm. I was very excited and very eager to finally have real-life experience in the entrepreneurship and innovation field in which I majored for my Business degree. I was tasked with re-creating the marketing collateral for the company, which perfectly tied together my Business and Design degrees.

After only a few weeks into my 9-week internship, and as a task and results-oriented worker, I had completed all my work much faster that my supervisor had expected. I was left to participate in self-directed learning. In this time, I read two books, one by the CEO of the company I was at titled “Guide to Starting a Business” and another by the founder of the organisation titled “The Business Coach,” I completed the extra-curricular assessments for the “Emerging Leaders” program for my university and began research into what I planned to do upon completion of my internship and Bachelors.

After spending 9 weeks at a desk Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm, I realised that an office job was not for me. My part-time job in Melbourne is at a bridal store, and during my self-directed learning time I found myself coming up with heaps of dress designs! I realised that fashion design and fabrics is where my passion lies and bridal gowns are the pinnacle of this. I came to a wonderful realisation that Fashion Business is what I am passionate about and what I would be willing to do day in and day out.

My internship taught me how to work and communicate with others, and especially on a cross-cultural level. I was able to learn about starting and running a business and discovered in what industry I want to do so. I learnt employability skills and soft skills which will unmeasurably contribute value to my personal, educational and professional development.

Despite the challenges I faced during my internship, I would not exchange them for an easier experience. These challenges, and all other challenges I have faced in my life, have worked together to build a solid foundation for myself both personally and professionally and led me on the path that I am on. I have realised my passion and what I want for my life at just 22 and I consider myself very lucky to already know this. I am very grateful for all the experiences I had in Kuala Lumpur and I will take them with me for the rest of my life.