Winston Tran’s IST-Malaysia + Internship experience

IST-Malaysia + Internship

copyright owned by the author (2017)
copyright owned by the author (2017)

From the moment I landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I instantly felt and saw the differences between life in Malaysia and Australia.

The journey had started off as though I was on a holiday. All I wanted to do was try all the food, explore the active nightlife of Kuala Lumpur and grasp the feeling of travelling overseas for the first time until the reality of working finally arrived. Obviously the excitement did not stop there! I get to finally interact with the local people and find out what life is like in Malaysia! And I definitely learnt some interesting things about where the best night markets are and small tips that greatly help with living in Kuala Lumpur such as knowing how to use the hose in the toilet!

These experiences have made me more open-minded which helped me get by my internship since I had to learn quickly in an area of I.T. I am not so familiar with. This also came with struggles and downfalls which allowed me to gain more knowledge and learn skills that can be used in the future, broadening my technical knowledge while developing maturity as an individual.

Being out of my parent’s reach was one of my biggest worries when heading into the study tour as well! For my entire life, I had always lived with them and have gotten too comfortable receiving support from them. Throughout the trip, just relying on myself had become a thrilling challenge for me. Everyday I would learn how to do day to day activities more proficiently by planning ahead and managing my time.

This particular challenge provided the perfect opportunity to exercise freedom and independence. It allowed me to embrace the foreign culture that is in Malaysia and explore life over there.

Throughout my trip, I met the best people to have ever travelled with; making so many friends and memories that I hope will last a lifetime! It is a shame that I will dearly miss Malaysia and the experience that I have gained from the study tour.

Written by Winston Tran