Industry Study Tour: In Country Report for Malaysia

It’s almost the end of week four of my nine-week internship. When I first got to Kuala Lumpur, I was immediately charmed by this city – the high-rise buildings, the mix of Indian, Malay and Chinese culture everywhere, the food – everything.

Right on my first Monday here, I started my internship at an auditing firm. My first day interning was as nerve-wracking as you can imagine, but it was good. I am thankful for my colleagues’ friendliness and hospitality as they invited me to lunch on my first day (even to this day we have lunch together)…. me being someone who was introduced to them merely three hours prior. Although it was awkward at the start (which is completely normal), I can say that I made great acquaintances with some of the people at the firm. It is definitely an effort to try to cross a language barrier as well as a cultural barrier; however, it is quite fulfilling to know that despite all the differences, there are things I have in common and can share with them, things that transcend those barriers.

Right from day one, they (Chew & Associates, a chartered accountancy firm based in the Kuala Lumpur CBD) –  gave me work that was relevant to my course, accounting. Accounting involves a lot of practice and trial and error, and I am confident that the training they have provided me in auditing will not only help me in my next year of university, but also in the my future career life.

The internship and study tour experience may be different for each of us participants, but I’m sure at the end of it all, we have valuable experiences that help us grow as individuals.


Joana (seated facing camera third from left) with work colleagues

Written by Joana Alcala