IST (China) Future Leaders Program: Story by Al Kayi

The Future Leaders Program to China has been a very valuable experience, which has enabled me to reflect on my professional skills and my personal self. Being able to experience another culture, especially one that is ever-changing yet historically grounded was incredible. I also had the opportunity to work with and get to know some very great people in the process as well.

Developing my employability skills around good planning and collaboration were important aspects of the trip. During the trip, there were many opportunities to collaborate and communicate with my colleagues. By taking the initiative to go on our own adventures, to places like the Summer Palace, we were able to collaborate and learn together.

Just being able to keep track of each other while also really making the effort to navigate through the public transport system and learn together was collaboration at its best for the trip. We did it with little aid and it was a great experience.

In many professional settings, it is essential to be good at collaborating with groups and working autonomously to achieve outcomes. We built a formidable trust with one another, journeyed together and looked after each other in an uncertain and to us, a foreign environment.

An image of an autonomous collaborative group:

copyright owned by author (2016)
copyright owned by author (2016)

Written by Al Kayi