IST-China (Future Leaders Program) Blog Post by Dylon Butler


Pleasant Goat, A popular animated children’s program in China. Retrieved from:
Pleasant Goat, A popular animated children’s program in China. Retrieved from:

The animation industry is a reasonably competitive field, one where international collaboration is often a given. This is the industry I wish to work in, but I grew up in a small town in Regional Tasmania, to say we weren’t exposed to many other cultures would be an understatement. I have travelled a bit and I like to think I have gained a greater perspective on the richness of the world, but I undoubtedly have a long way to go in the never-ending goal of immersing in the cultures of the world. So as a creative student much of what excites me about this trip, and hopefully what I can focus a lot of my time on will be developing a cultural understanding of China, from its people, to its stories, history and mythology, to its design, art, music, architecture and theatre, everything that makes up the unique visual and cultural identity of China. The culture of China in particular is of value to me, as my ancestor’s on my grandmother’s side originate from there and this is a part of my own cultural identity I have never explored.

I’d also like to research the issues and needs of China and it’s most vulnerable people and how I, working in media can make their needs known to people back home in Australia, or overseas, to advocate for a positive change to the lives of those in need.

As an animation student my focus is on visuals, and creative communication, I haven’t a head for business and personally have little patience for technical writing or research. I believe I will be able to cope with adjusting to a new country, having travelled abroad to numerous places before, and I am confident I can make new friends and be at ease during the Study Tour. My real worry is reflective writing, and presenting projects on unfamiliar topics to a satisfactory standard.