IST-China (Future Leaders Program) by Alyssa Sacris

copyright owned by author (2016)
copyright owned by author (2016)

My name is Alyssa Sacris, studying Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Forensic Science), where I am participating in the Industry Study to Tour to China within the Future Leaders Program.

Recently this year, I travelled for the first time independently to Japan and France, and it was after arriving that I truly was caught with the “travel bug”.  I was intrigued and fascinated by learning and experiencing the differences in cultures, lifestyle, food, and people, in which I was longing to see more parts of the world. This is what led me to the quick decision to visit China as well.

China will be no different in offering a new cultural experience, especially in terms of being exposed to the business side in which the study tour involves. I hope to develop my communication skills, both in interacting with students who I have not met before, and with the Chinese people. In particular, I want to learn about certain customs and the way that respect is shown. In Japan, I was often not aware of certain behaviours such as eating in public, which is seen as disrespectful. This is one of the challenges I will be faced with, in terms of being unaware of the little cultural differences of Australia to China. It will be a challenge to adapt to a vastly different culture in a short amount of time, but interacting with the locals and doing research can overcome this problem.

There is little I know about China, and broadening my knowledge about people from different cultures is important to me for a future career in Psychology. Gaining as much knowledge as I can about various cultures will ensure I can tailor my approach to helping individuals in a way that they can best feel understood.

Written by Alyssa Sacris