Re-entry posting by Lucy (Samoa)

Lucy’s reflection about the (Samoa) Industry Study Tour experience 

Coming home from Samoa, I am realising everyday how much I have seen and learnt during my time there. I am so grateful for the things I got to see and do while there. Not only did we get be in a beautiful environment but we were able to experience so much of the culture in a way that is unique to the usual tourist experience of Samoa. Getting to stay in Poutassi and develop relationships with people in the community gave us unique insights into the dynamics of the community. A focus on developing my employability skills and reflective practices was present through the whole trip.

Copyright owned by author
Copyright owned by author

The employability skill that I focused my attention on during my time there was initiative. One thing I found during this trip was that there is so much room to explore and find your own opportunities. We were given encouragement to go and make connections. And in doing this I had lots of opportunities to use my initiative in gaining experiences. The environment we had in Samoa was incredibly supportive, it was the perfect place to grow both in a personal and a professional sense.

A large part of the trip was our reflections. Taking time to sit and reflect throughout the trip encouraged me to think deeply about the things we were experiencing. The group reflective sessions we held were of particular importance to me. Reflecting in a group setting is not something that comes naturally to me but I found that in doing this I came across new ways of thinking about things. I will take the reflective practices I developed in country with me into the future. It gives deeper meaning to things experienced and uncovers layers that might not be considered otherwise. Overall, the time I have spent in Samoa has been invaluable and I will remember this trip for a long time to come.

Written by Lucy Cliffe (July, 2016)