Samoa trip by Rachael (reflection eight)

From the left – Bryney, Nicole, Kathleen and Rachael

I have spent some more time back in Apia. It has been great for me to spend some quality time supporting students with their industry engagements. One student in particular has made some great progress with their interest in acquiring as much industry engagement as possible for their career area while in-country. I am very proud of how students are showing initiative for themselves and for being excellent leaders for Swinburne. It is very impressive. For example, another student successfully presented their ideas to a rural community village program on how to improve their marketing strategies. A fantastic outcome for both the community and students.

I am very excited about the future of this particular Industry Study Tour (Samoa). There have been some great industry contacts made that will help allow this program to become even better for 2017. For instance, a full day workshop with students at the National Samoa University to problem solve ‘what does global citizenship mean?’ Women in Business industry engagement, LifeLine, National Health Services, Victim Support Centre at the Campus of Hope to help develop programs, deliver, discuss and evaluate for improvement that is completed via a collaborative approach – where all thoughts and ideas are aired in a culturally sensitive and inclusive way.

It is my final day in Samoa. We fly out at 10pm tonight and we all have a long stop over in Auckland in the early hours of the morning. We will all be very tired and grumpy, I am sure. I am hoping that everyone will use what they have learnt while on this Industry Study Tour (including me!), about being adaptable, inclusive and flexible to have a safe and smooth transition back to Melbourne.

Finally, I am looking forward to heading home to be with my family, but I am also going to miss Samoa, especially all the fantastic and dedicated Samoans I have met along the way. I look very forward to coming here again in 2017 with a new cohort of eager students and to deliver an even better program for The Swinburne Advantage.

Written by Dr Rachael Hains-Wesson