Samoa trip by Rachael: (reflection two)

Fire dancing Poutasi
Fire twirling performance as part of a tourist Samoan dance performance

I’ve had a few exciting days. I went (out as a group) last night and saw fire dancing and traditional Samoan dancing. It was interesting because I am staying in a Village where Christian religion is important, where females can not wear pants and if they do wear pants they must cover them with a sarong. Whereas, at the performance show, which was a couple of villages down the road, there was a team of dancers with little clothing on, and they were performing especially for the tourists and everything had a sexual meaning to what was being suggested on the stage. It was a very long performance, but I found it interesting comparing this show to the culture show we originally saw when we first arrived in Samoa and in terms of the village ways. This performance raised more questions than answers for students. For one, there are a lot of conflicting information around modesty and what is required when living in a Samaon village. Second, there is no swimming or walking through the village. It isn’t banned completely but highly encouraged that Sunday is for faith and going to church.

Nev Church Poutasi
Nev back from Church. He is dressed in traditional Samoan attire for males.

This coming week is going to be a challenge. Students need to come to an understanding about the projects that they want to focus on. They need to come up with a plan and a process on how they will action this. The possible projects are many and the important part is to match a project with a student’s interest and discipline interest. We’ve run some great information sessions around Permaculture and reflection. This is a good start in order to get students thinking and solving problems while living in an unfamiliar environment.

Written by Dr Rachael Hains-Wesson