Elena’s story for IST-Samoa (2016)


My name is Elena. I am doing Bachelor degree in Primary Education. This year I have decided to travel to Samoa with other Swinburne students. Through in-country experience, I am planning to develop my interpersonal and employability skills such as communication and leadership. As I come from a different culture and I am studying online, I would like to improve my oral communication skills. This could be done through communicating with other team members, making oral presentations and collaboration.

I believe that good communication involves not only listening and understanding but also the ability to speak clearly and negotiate responsively. I also think that being in the country will help me to develop leadership skills such as initiative and creativity through adapting to completely new situations. I am particular interested in “Women’s empowerment” project. Communication, problem solving, teamwork, initiative and enterprise are considered the most important employability skills. Working on the project with other students will give me an opportunity to share ideas through collaboration, thus developing my communication and problem solving skills further. In these terms, my goal could be investigating and researching business models of social enterprises in Poutasi, and the opportunity for new initiatives. In this context, I am aiming to research the potential new initiatives for women’s social enterprise.

Furthermore, my goal is to develop practical collaboration and communication skills through interconnection with local communities as I learn about Samoan culture. This multicultural context will also help me to develop global citizenship through learning about different traditions and values, thus widening my perspectives and developing my interpersonal skills such as flexibility, tolerance and understanding.

Written by Elena Metju