“The Conflict”


To say it was a hectic day, a hectic few days rather, would be an understatement. Since 6am in the morning it had been go, go, go! In and out of the van all day, visiting and learning. On top of the mental and physical exhaustion, came the heat and dehydration. All of these factors combined created tension and strain within the group, towards each other and towards our team leaders.

It was around 10pm at night, so it actually felt like 1am because we were all still running on Australian time. The night dragged, and we were nearly falling asleep standing. The consensus of the group was that it felt like an unnecessarily long and highly unorganised night.

Regardless of the hurdles, we managed to make it through and wake up to a new day and a fresh start.

Reflecting on that tense situation now, with the aspect of hindsight, I realise that it was a mixture of exhaustion and maybe even a touch of culture shock. The situations made me exercise my patience, (something that I have difficulty with) teamwork and problem solving skills. I was particularly surprised to find I was able to problem-solve, as I had always been quite an average problem solver, whether on paper or in real life I was usually unable to grasp the complexities of a situation and weave my way through them, so to find that these skills are evolving and expanding is welcome.

It is an inevitable part of travelling, the trick is not to ignore it, you need to acknowledge your feelings and examine them, and then let them pass.

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