A pre-departure story by Leani Tegmann

I chose to come to the Philippines to develop industry skills whilst immersing myself in the rich culture. I also aim to improve my employability skills by developing communication, reflection, leadership, adaptation and cross-cultural understanding skills. This industry study tour will help me to gain a different perspective than the western one. I wanted to form strong friendships with the diverse team also participating on the tour.

The history of the Philippines was another contributing factor for coming to the Philippines. I’ve learnt that the Spanish invaded accidentally which lead to them leading the country for over 300 years. This is evident in the currency (pesos) which is still the same as Spain today.

Throughout my previous travels, I enjoyed learning basic phrases from locals, and the Philippines is next on my list. I intend to use these phrases regularly whilst staying in the Enchanted Farm, as well as the surrounding areas.

My expectation of the Filipino people is that they have humble personalities even though they lack material goods. Throughout my travels so far, my expectations have been met and more, by meeting families of six that lived in a shoebox home. They were so grateful for what they had because previously to that they were living in slums and were subjected to eviction and even house fires. The sheer strength, loyalty and compassion of these courageous, hard working, dedicated people has been an inspiration to myself.

Leani pic 1

Written by Leani Tegmann

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