“Kusina ng Kalinga”


Safe to say the sore heads and 6am wake up made for a rough start to the day.

After a bus ride we arrived at Kusina ng Kaliga, translated to “Kitchen of Care”, to help and volunteer in the Feeding Program, a program involving a truly amazing and self-less group of people who feed over 1,000 local school children.

We donned our aprons, hair nets, gloves and face masks and not only did we look hot-as-hell, we also got to work packing rice and Tinola, or chicken soup into containers for the school children.

Getting to see the smiles light up their little faces was such a rewarding experience. We got to interact and talk to the children, and tell them off playfully when they made cheeky comments.
Side note: Being quite a tall, white female, I am the recipient of many cheeky comments and smiling faces.

We walked through the streets of the community and looked around us, letting our eyes absorb the beauty that surrounded us. The brightly painted and multi-coloured two storey houses all featured small gardens out the front, tended for with attention and pride. Seeing these families so happy and grateful for what they have (which is nothing compared to Western standards) was a special moment.

Our next stop of the day was Human Nature. I honestly don’t even know where to begin with explaining Human Nature. Some things are fairly simple to explain, such as it is a Filipino skincare and cosmetics brand, similar to The Body Shop that we have in Australia. Other things however, are so complex to explain, such as the brands amazing ethos and business practices. I strongly urge anyone reading this to search Human Nature and read the story behind the brand for themselves, they truly are an inspiring Social Business.

After Human Nature we journeyed to a GK community called Silver Heights. The Mabuhay ladies or “Welcome Ladies”, each one smiling the biggest smile and exuding friendliness as we entered the community, warmly greeted us. Everyone in the community was so kind and inviting, they showed the true strength of the human spirit, coming from LESS than nothing and rising through the adversity to lead purposeful, fulfilling lives.

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