“Biking Around”


No rest for the wicked – up and out of our hotel by 8am.

Today we went on a bicycle ride, but it wasn’t just any bicycle ride – it was a BAMBIKE Eco Tour. We rode these amazing bamboo machines, a functional piece of art. I couldn’t help think to myself that these bikes would be so ‘hipster’ and trendy back home in Melbourne.

We rode around the ‘Spanish’ area of the Philippines, parking our bikes along the way and strolling through lush, beautiful gardens – the flowers overflowing from the trees and cascading down like multi-coloured waterfalls.

Our BAMBIKE guide was funny and full of historical and cultural facts, most of which vanished form my head after dodging and weaving in and out of Manila traffic – something that was both terrifying and exhilarating!

In this small rag-tag team of Swinburne students, there are differences aplenty. There are differences in degrees being studied, differences in cultural backgrounds and certainly differences in personality – but yet, we are brought together, not even necessarily by a common goal (I honestly believe we are all here for a different reasons) but there seems to be a spirit within the group, vibrating amongst us is the desire to make the most of the trip and soak up the experiences.

In the afternoon, we had a session with Glenn – learning what we have to do for our upcoming assignments and the details of reflective practice.

Next Tom took us for a session. I was once again struck by how much passion and enthusiasm this man holds –you can see it on his face.
It makes me wonder, am I as passionate and involved with anything that isn’t self-serving, as Tom is about GK and the plight of the poor?

The night involved a trip to Manila’s most affluent area, followed by a crazy, fun night in a bar called ‘Spicy Fingers’ – there was singing and dancing and there was smiling and laughter all fuelled by a few well-deserved cocktails.

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