Samim’s pre-departure story: Philippines

Why I decided to complete the Industry Study Tour to the Philippines by Samim Qalandari.

What has motivated/interested me to take part in the Industry Study Tour at Swinburne to the Philippines is the knowledge and experience that I am going to gain through studying abroad. I believe it is essential to go out of your comfort zone to a completely new place and experience things that you may have not even imagine. For example, Experiencing poverty and cultural difference to see how it is to live in a poor country and get a sense of their daily lives, and appreciate the things you already have here in Australia is important. Understanding cultural difference for me is about seeing and comparing to how I live in Australia and to see how the Philippine’s people act, behave, show attitude, and perceive others.

My expectation about this tour is  that I am going to experience a cultural shock, as it will be a completely different culture and people. I think it is going to be really hard but not just for me, but for most other people to adapt to different cultures in a short period of time, as we will only be here for 20 days. It takes quite some times for me to be able to understand other cultures and how other people are, so it will be quite hard to adapt quickly.

One thing I would really like to learn while in the host-country is to learn about the Philippine’s culture and see how different it is from Australia’s culture. This will be really beneficial for me when I enter the workplace in future. Knowing and understanding a complete different culture will help me to adapt to multi-cultural organisations, resolve conflicts more effectively and get along with people in general.

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