A story about my arrival: China

Nihâo from China.

Image owned by author
Image owned by author

After a delayed start we finally arrived into a wintry wonderland. White tipped trees and snow-covered rooftops greeted us at every turn on our hour-long trip from the airport. After a traditional dumpling lunch our tour guides accompanied us on our explorations around the city.

Beijing’s public transport system is fast and efficient but a little more complex than we are used to. Changing lines every two or three stops is not unusual and mostly requires you to negotiate a myriad of subway tunnels and stairs, stairs and more stairs.

The people are friendly and warm although you need to take care when travelling in small groups. Two of us were lucky not to fall prey to a band of scammers this evening when we went out for a quick bite. Had it not been for the sage advice of our leader Dr. Mark Finn, we could well have found our spending money severely diminished.

The group have bonded well and are all looking forward to tomorrows itinerary; a day filled with culture and learning. First up we are off to the Forbidden City followed in the afternoon by a trip to Beijing Foreign Studies University and a Kung Fu performance in the evening. But for now, a soft pillow and a comfortable bed beckon and we are all in need of a good sleep.

Written by Jan Farrell


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