Hey guys,

I have been pleased to see everyone get on board Facebook and discuss banking cards and money for the trip to China. I personally will be taking some cash. Currently the yuan is 4.50 to one Aussie dollar. I spoke with a lovely sales assistant today who has been to China several times. Her recommendation was to have a hair treatment and head massage at a hair salon. Apparently awesome to experience. I’m up for one of those. I purchased a new suit so I can present the all important business look while away. I found some inexpensive winter long sleeve thermals ($6.95) at the Asian store Price Land in Eastland shopping centre. They have men and women short sleeve and long sleeve available. I’ve picked up a new journal for my reflective writing each day and have been catching up on some reading as I prepare for our all inclusive experience to China.

Zaijian for now from your pengyou Pauline Csuba.