Workshop 1: Pre-departure session (2015)

ChrysanthemumWhat a huge day we had on the 4th of November, 2015. It was the first pre-departure Workshop for our newly accredited Industry Study Tour unit. Twenty three amazing students who are heading to China on the 23rd of November attended the session. I owe a very big thank you to the great team approach for this workshop (and of course more thanks due to a whole lot more that has occurred prior to this moment in time). We had great presenters on the day who presented very well. Students were engaged throughout and there was a great sense of community forming. I have personally received positive feedback from students already about the workshop and how effective the Blackboard unit site is. Students are beginning to get to know each other off-line and on as well. This is just so great. We still have a lot of work to do, but it certainly becomes a bit less stressful with many hands and supportive natures to work with. A big thank you to Professor Selvarajah for presenting a lecture on cultural awareness through a global management lens for the cohort, and for providing his slides to everyone.

We also had many students completing the “me in a minute” video, which was facilitated effortlessly by team members: Leinard and Nigel. I am really looking forward to seeing these particular snap shots of “where students are at” in terms of going on an international Work-Integrated Learning experience, and especially the ones students will do when they return. This is a great way for students to curate and measure their employability readiness when it comes to “on the quick” responses around what they hope to learn and improve upon while in-country. This is a specific skill that is so needed when going for interviews, for example.

There is always so much to write about. The above are just some of the highlights so far and some examples of the excellent work that everyone is doing.

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