Are you an international or domestic student at Swinburne and would like to enroll in an elective that will give you an opportunity to travel overseas, earn credit towards your degree, increase your employability skills and learn about yourself and others? Have you received 100 credit points and can therefore enroll in an Industry Study Tour? If you answered yes, then Swinburne’s Industry Study Tours are for you.

Students who participate in an Industry Study Tour often state the experience supports them with securing their job of choice and/or working in a professional role abroad – see here for what we really mean. “Self-reliance and personal growth are the real benefits and well worth the financial investment” (Tucker & Weaver, 2013, p. 7). Often, the traditional undergraduate degree is not enough to prepare students for the real world of work. Industry Study Tours can help “show the practical application of what you have been learning. The theory is not enough by itself ” (Tucker & Weaver, 2013, p. 13).

This summer term, Industry Study Tours are being conducted in the Philippines. Each study tour has a different flavour, and you will be given the opportunity to choose an opportunity that fits into your discipline, interest and career plans.

To understand why we host these study tours, take a look at The Swinburne Advantage which forms the foundation for our promise: that every Swinburne student be given an opportunity to undertake Work-Integrated Learning to increase their job readiness. Or watch the following video about a student expressing why they believed an Industry Study Tour was such a worthwhile part of their studies at Swinburne: MyStory


Academic queries

For any inquiries about the unit of study (assessment requirements, learning and teaching expectations and the in-country experience), contact the Industry Study Tours’ Convenor: Ms Nicola Fish (nfish@swin.edu.au)

Reference for this page: Tucker, M., & Weaver, D. (2013). A longitudinal Study of Students Outcomes from Participation in an International Study Tour: Some Preliminary Findings, Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 10(2), 1-13.